Exclusive Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best Liquid Handling Robot

Debates on emerging technologies dominate many forums globally. Many people may not know that technology keeps evolving daily, and the future is bright. Robotics is a widely discussed trend, but it has been around for many years.

Industrial robots have been in use for many decades, but the technology is widening daily. What do you know about liquid handling robots in science laboratories? Do you know that the best liquid handling robot can change the world for good?

Robots are machines programmable by computers and capable of automatically undertaking different activities. They have replaced humans in undertaking dangerous or demanding tasks. A good example is the liquid handling robot that helps automatically perform repetitive tasks in life science laboratories.

Robots help dispense a selected quantity of samples, substances that can cause chemical reactions or other liquids to a specific container. In many science laboratories, the liquid handling process is time-consuming, impractical, and tedious for humans to undertake. Hence, the high demand for liquid handling robots, and you should choose the best.

Here are helpful questions to guide you pick the best liquid handling system or robot. Read on.

Do You Want to Improve Your Current Workflow?

Liquid handling is common in most laboratories. You will need the best machines, and automated systems will solve your woes. If you don’t have the right solutions, don’t waste time but go for the best robots.

Figure out how your workflow will improve if you make such an investment. Remember, robots reduce errors, increase productivity, and alleviate safety in your laboratories. Before you start your search, undertake a pre-analytical procedure and figure out where you are failing. Consider your workflow by looking at a number of things:

  • Is your laboratory information management system effective
  • Check how samples mixing and transportation procedures are handled
  • How the workers are trained and whether they have the right skills.

What Level of Walkway Automated Liquid Handling Do You Want?

Liquid handling tasks are tedious and time-consuming. The best robot will run without supervision or technician interventions. So, figure out the tasks you are dealing with and choose a robot that will save the most time. You want a solution to cater to laboratory errors, reduce dangers, and give you peace of mind.

How will Your Needs Change with New Investment?

Your needs may change as time goes on and in the near future. A robot is machined to serve for many years and effectively. Picking the best liquid handling robot may increase capacity unexpectedly, adjust workflows, or need more equipment. You will need a reconfigurable solution in place to handle the changes.

Will you be able to reconfigure or reload the liquid handling system? Ensure the robot is future-roof, and you can back it up when the need arises and with the best software in the market. Ensure the reconfiguring software is intuitive and effective. Most importantly, it should effectively integrate with existing laboratory programs and equipment.

How Much Space the Robot Will Take Up?

A laboratory is a busy facility, and everything should be in order. The right liquid handling robot should have a small footprint. It should have a compact and sleek design to ensure the facility still has more space.

How to Service and Maintain the Robot? What is the cost?

You don’t expect any downtime during liquid handling. The good news? The best robot will not need any servicing, and you don’t have to hire a technician to configure its runs.

To Sum Up

Choosing the best liquid handling automated system should be daunting if you research widely. Ask yourself the right question and get the correct answers. Make sure you get your robot from a reputable manufacturer or brand.

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