What’s New With the Upstart Social Media Platform Yubo?

If you have spent a lot of time on the internet lately, then the odds are that you’ve stumbled across the social media platform Yubo. One of the newest trending social media platforms on the internet, Yubo offers live features that engage its Gen Z users while offering enhanced socializing capabilities. With a vast array of technological capabilities behind an experienced leadership team, Yubo has quickly risen to more than 60 million users across the entire globe.

Recently, Yubo made headlines when it announced a series of new features and enhanced safety monitoring for its members. Let’s take a deep dive into the social media platform and some new features making their way to it.

Improving User Experiences

Yubo is a live social discovery platform that was first founded in France back in 2015. Over the past eight years, Yubo has become a platform that calls more than 140 nations its home. With more than 60 million users on the forum, the team of developers at Yubo is always looking to improve outcomes for their users.

To dig deep into its international markets, Yubo offers industry-leading live stream moderation for video and audio in four of the largest global markets. In addition, Yubo has provided its users with real-time audio moderation for individuals throughout the United States. Working in partnership with the team at Hive, Yubo quickly overcame one of the largest technical problems facing the industry.

The innovative technology utilized by Hive allows for quick transcription of scanned audio, bringing moderators the content they need to ensure users are safe and protected. If any scanned and transcribed exchanges are found to violate the terms of service and community guidelines at Yubo, a Safety Specialist will be involved to alleviate the issue.

‘Take it Down’ Support Service

Additionally, Yubo is working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) team on its “Take It Down” online service. Take it Down seeks to halt the harmful and sexually exploitative nature of online harassment. Take it Down helps individuals to remove harmful content from the internet after the individual in question files a claim. NCMEC then records and receives a dedicated hash to scan databases, terminating any exact hash matches.

Yubo’s CEO Sacha Lazimi said, “Take it Down serves as an added layer of safety and protection for the teens and young adults socializing on Yubo.”

Yubo continues to focus on introducing new and exciting features that help innovate the social media space while making it safer for all users.

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